Drying Equipment


  • Jet dryer turbin from well proven supplier with more than 50 units delivered.
  • The turbin runs on diesel so no open-flame LPG installations needed.
  • Lower investment and higher productivity than the traditional LPG system.
  • RME was the first company to make this fully operational from truck.
  • All operations such as start/stop and up/down and left/right is done from inside the cabin. This improves safety and productivity.
  • Once installed the RME-Zirocco road dryer is easy to de-mount and re-mount. The truck can then be used for other purposes as well.
  • The Telamatics system connected to the dryer gives you GPS system as well as running time and report system.
  • Air-flow with output of about 100 m3/min temperatures up to 550 degrees.
  • Drying width up to 45 cm.
  • Can also be rented from RME!