Truck MT


Melting trucks are built on 2-4 axle chassis and with 2-4 preheaters.
Twin preheaters 2×800-2×1.900L or 4×1.200 are the most common choices.

All preheaters with indirect heating.
The preheaters are designed to make a fast and careful melting of the material by a special- designed agitator together with an agitation program (Can-bus).
Option for filling big bags and crane, which makes it easy to handle the big bags.

Instruments and switches are placed in the cab, safely away from traffic, noise and exhausts.

Hydraulic and electric power as well as the diesel oil is taken from the chassis.


Length Chassis dependant
Width 2.55 m
Height 4 m
Weight 26.000 kg
Melting set Customers choise
Crane Effer 35
Burners Riello RG2
Temp regulators CAN-BUS