Melting Set 2xPH600+SPP30D

Melting Set 2xPH600 + SPP30D


Stand-alone melting set for bitumen-based sealant, mastic asphalt and thermoplastic.

Ideally mounted on truck, trailer etc.

Fast melting capacity for larger volumes to support 1-4 sealing machines with melted material.

The melting set is oil-jacketed and has strong hydraulic agitators to handle hard block-materials or powder.

Large filling lids only approx. 1,3 m from floor.

Hydraulic hand controls for each preheater so they can be controlled individually in both directions and with variable speed.

Out-let on each preheater with manual valve.

Integrated Silent Power Pack (SPP) on the same frame. The engine is silent with noise-proof capsule, which reduces the noise level substantially. The SPP provides diesel to the burners, hydraulic power to the agitators and electrics for the thermostats etc

This equipment is CE-approved.


Length 3,3 m
Width 2,45 m
Height 2,1 m
Weight: 3.150 kg, empty
Preheater volumes: 2*600L
Heating: Riello oil burners 230V
Indirect heated: Heating oil
Temp regulator: For oil and material (2)
Agitators: 2x500cc
Outlets on preheaters: Manual valves
Engine: Hatz 30hp diesel
Silent capsule engine: Hatz original
Start battery: Included
Hydraulic pump: On engine
Oil cooler: Included
Electrics: 230V-12V incl inverter
Hydraulic tank: 140L
Diesel tank: 140L