Trailer Tr400EO


The RME Trailer is built on a 2.700kg high quality boogie trailer.

Equipped with a low built 390L indirectly heated boiler with electric agitator this unit runs silently and with lower maintenance than other solutions.

The built-in diesel engine supplies the boiler with diesel and electricity.

The low height allows access for working indoors and in parking garages.

Warning lights and working light run from the built in power, so no car has to be at the work site for this to function.

The trailer can be equipped with racks for holding RME Handtools, RME Handtool Heater and LP-gas tubes according to buyer’s choice.

Also available as 3.500 kg trailer.


Length ~ 3,85 m
Width ~ 1,92 m
Height ~ 2,2 m
Weight (excl material) 1 600 kg
Preheater PH390EO
Burner Riello RG2
Agitator Electric
Outlet Manual