RME hand application machines are built on many different types of chassis. The common ground on all RME hand application trucks is the egonomic performance. Hand application is a hard and time consuming line of work. For that reason it is most important to build the truck in an ergonomic way in order to make the work light and easy.

Släpvagn Tr400EO

The RME Trailer is built on a 2.700kg high quality boogie trailer. Equipped with a low built 390L indirectly heated boiler with electric agitator this unit runs silently and with lower maintenance than other solutions.

RME hand tools are made for thermoplastic material and are available in many widths and with adjustable line thickness. They are used for smaller work made by hand, such as pedestrian crossings, arrows, guidelines, parking areas etc. Width-limiting side plates are available in different sizes.