TRAILER TR 400 Lithium


✓ Specially low built trailer with 400L preheater design for Thermoplastic.
Equipped with additional Lithium battery. 10kWh (LiFePO4)

✓ Up to 2,5 ton CO2 reduction yearly.

✓ The preheater is hot oil jacketed, and has a powerful stirring gearbox to both handle block material and sack.

✓ The large filling hatch is mounted low and ergonomically located at the rear, and it is equipped with a safety switch to stop the agitation when the lid is open.

✓ Heating is done with a diesel burner, and when connected to the grid a 2kW electric element can be used. (Maintenance Heating)

✓ Rear Oil jacked manual outlet.

✓ LED display controlling the temperature and RME-MIX program for the material.

✓ Touch Display for a simple overview of the battery system.

✓ Inverter Multi Plus-II provides the system with 3000kVA and has a built-in charger with 70A.

✓ The equipment is CE marked. Sign stand and warning lighting included

✓ Works quietly when others are sleeping

✓ Electrically charged from regular wall sockets or solar panels

✓ Handles a full day of work on electricity, without having to start the truck to charge

✓ Reduces diesel consumption and lowers emissions

✓ Improves the working environment

✓ Partial electric heating of the thermoplastic


Length: ca 3,7 m
Width: 1,96 m
Height:  ca 2,2 m
Total weight trailer: 2.700 kg
Total Tara weight trailer:  ca 1.850 kg
Pre Heater Volume: 400L
Heating: Riello oil burner 230V
Pre Heater heating: Hot Oil
Temp regulator: Electronic, Oil, Material
Agitator motor: Helical Worm Gear Unit
Outlet boiler: Level valve, manual
Motor on Gear: 1.5kW
Heating element: 2 kW
Display Machine Operation: IFM 4,3” LED
Display Battery Management:  Victron 5” Touch
Diesel tank: 50L
Battery: Victron LiFePO4 10kWh
Inverter: Victron LiFePO4 10kWh Multiplus II 3000kVA 2,4kW
Sound level: 44 dB(A)