Melting Set PH400 + SPP11d

Melting Set PH400+SPP11d

Frame Built


Low-built melting set on frame for bitumen-based sealant, mastic asphalt and thermoplastic.

Ideally mounted on trailer 2.700-3.500 kg.

The preheater is oil-jacketed and has a strong hydraulic agitator to handle hard block-materials or powder.

Large filling lid, low and ergonomically placed at the rear.

Heating with oil burner in the preheater´s base.

Out-let with manual valve.

Hydraulic hand controls for the preheater to control agitation direction and speed.

Integrated Silent Power Pack (SPP) on the same frame. The engine is silent with noise-proof capsule, which reduces the noise level substantially.

The SPP provides diesel to the burners, hydraulic power to the agitators and electrics for the thermostats etc

This equipment is CE-approved.


Length: ca 2,55 m
Width: ca 1,30 m
Height: ca 1,75 m
Weight: ca 1.400 kg
Preheater volume: 400 L
Heating: Riello oil burner 230V
Indirect heated: Heating oil
Temp regulators: For oil and material (2)
Agitation engine: 630cc
Outlet preheater: Manual valve
Engine: Hatz 11hp diesel
Silent capsule engine: Hatz original
Start battery: Included
Hydraulic pump: On engine
Oil cooler: Included
Electrics: 230V-12V incl inverter
Hydraulic tank: 75L
Diesel tank: 75L