Mini Kombi 2-axle 2x950HO


  • Mini KOMBI is a high-capacity machine built on a 2-axle chassie.
  • There are three different setups; spray, extruder or combined.
  • Mini is equipped with a 2x950L melting set.
  • Dual pumps on the clutch independent power take off (PTO) supplies the hydraulic functions. On each side there are applicator carriers that can be adjusted both vertically and sideways from the cab.
  • The control box makes the work a lot easier and also makes the line thickness independent of the speed.
  • The cab is equipped so that most of the work can be done inside, safe from traffic.
    As an option Mini can be built with a special applicator for making profiled dot lines, Flexidot V2 – this option requires a wheel base of 4,3m. Also available as a 2-color truck.


Length 6,7 m
Wheel base chassis 4,0 m
Width 2,55 m
Height 3,5 m
Weight, tara incl truck 14.000 kg
Weight, allowed 18.000 – 21.000 kg
Melting set RME 2x950L
Control box RME V2
Extruder RME 300-500 mm
Spray block RME 2-3 pc/side
Flexidot RME 300-450 mm
Bead guns RME 2-3 pc/side
Bead tank 2x415L
Production pump RME 120L/min
Compressor Hydraulic/Diesel
Pointer Hydraulic/Pneumatic
Burners Riello RG2
Temp regulators CAN-BUS