More than 25 years ago we delivered our first truck designed for road marking with thermoplastics. Since then we’ve built a few hundred vehicles. Since we focus on R&D in thermoplastic road marking, we have become experts in the field.
Today we have a broad spectrum of products, from hand tools to advanced machines built on truck chassies.


Road Marking Equipment Trucks


Our vehicles are characterized by reliability, productivity and cost efficiency. Our products are used in a dozen countries by customers in a wide variety of businesses, from local contractors to big international operators.


RME has a wide selection of equipment for manual marking. Our hand tools are made for thermoplastic materials and come in many widths and with adjustable line thickness. They are used for pedestrian crossings, arrows, parking lots etc.

Vägmarkeringsbil från RME


Ongoing and long-term cooperation with our clients is the reason for our wide selection of equipment, our constant technical development and the reliable solutions.

Our clients are constantly on the move…

…since their equipment from us is rolling day after day and lays line after line, with a high precision in the road markings. Sometimes we get the question how this is possible. The simple answer is that we have all along been focusing on developing equipment for laying thermoplastic lines and thus becoming specialists. The slightly longer answer is that our vehicles and products have several unique characteristics that we are alone in providing.


Every customer is important to us. Every piece of equipment that we supply must work from day one and onwards. Close and continuous contacts with our clients increase productivity on the roads and are the very basis for our company.


Equipment from RME is developed to handle the simplest as well as the most advanced line systems, in all existing application systems for thermoplastic extrusion, spray and dots.


By specializing in thermoplastics we can focus on constantly improving the equipment for this area.


Our focus on high quality components and reliable systems creates the most dependable line systems, resulting in high road marking efficiency.

Even and precise temperature in the preheater

The most striking part of all our vehicles is the preheater with indirect heating which makes it possible to give the thermoplastic an even and price heat. Unlike our competitors, the preheater is an open vessel, not a pressure vessel.

This gives you a great advantage. You can always open the lid of the pan and fill the vessel with new material when needed.


The second version of the RME Flexidot has been on the market for a couple of years not and is the fastest unit for dot lines we have made so far. With speeds up to 7km/h dot lines can be applied on their own or simultaneously on a solid line. The unit is available in different widths to fit different line rule systems on different markets.

Elegant and durable sustainable hydraulics

A well tested solution for mobile hydraulics is used in the RME truck built machines to provide hydraulic power from the truck PTO with one or more variable hydraulic pumps. With modern mobile hydraulic valves an elegant and sustainable way of providing the machine’s hydraulic functions controlled from a computer and/or real buttons. Some functions are fully automized.

Exact flexibility

The equipment can apply almost any kind of lines from solid continuous lines to combination and profiled lines. Lines can be made with spray or extruder technology as well as a dot line applicator called Flexidot. The resolution of measurement can be less than 1/1000m and the control timing accuracy is 1/1000s. The resolution of of the report for the work done is 1/100m.

Industrial PC based computer

The industrial PC based control box is fully adjustable and allows the operator to program which functions should run at what time and in what types of combinations. Furthermore a report system tells you the amount of work that has been done. The information can also be saved into an Excel file for further use. There are 32 digital outputs that can be used for material, glass beads, primer, water or anything else.

The control box comes with Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, German, French and English language. It also has the line rule system of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland incorporated. These can normally be used for almost any country as well.

The control box has two joysticks for the line program and line length settings along with a few buttons for start/pause/stop and som more functions. All other functions are changed in an easy way to use touch screen interface.

Our specially designed pump

The RME pump has been specially designed for hot thermoplastic meterial and its gears are made from advanced flow analytic calculations. This, combined with a special hardening process and inner coating of the pump parts, make sure it lasts a long time.

Extruder with good function and long life

The RME extruder has been developed through more than 10 years to ensure good function and long life. It is fully flexible to suit different markets and it’s low weight makes the job easier.

Pneumatic air cylinders open and close the material outputs to make the line just right. With the same unit almost all line types can be made, including profiled flex lines.

Spray with ideal design

RME’s own spray guns with automized air have been unchanged for over 20 years suggesting that the design is ideal. The tungsten nozzles make sure they last a long time.

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