Sealing Machine M390

Sealing Machine M390


This self-propelled machine is developed for sealing trenches with thermoplastic, bitumen-based sealant or mastic asphalt.

Sit-on machine for one operator with high sealing capacity.

The 390L vertical boiler is oil-jacketed and has a strong hydraulic agitator. This makes it possible for the machine to keep the material warm and well agitated for a long time.

With the hydraulic valve on the outlet it is possible to control the flow of the thermoplastic to the screed box.
Built-in silent diesel engine with hydraulic rear axle drive. High and low speed.

Left or right side operated.

Burners are heating the boiler and the screed shoe.

The M390 is CE-approved.


Length 3,75 m
Width 1,92 m
Height 1,75 m
Weight: 3.900 kg, empty
Turning radius: 5,9 m
Working speed: >10 m/sec
Transport speed: >10 km/h
Engine: Perkins 50hp
Propulsion: Rear 2-wheel drive, diff
Steering: Orbital
Operator seat: Fully adjustable
Boiler: 390L oil-jacketed. 225 C.
Agitator: Hydraulic, both directions
Heating boiler: Oil burner
Heating shoe: LPG
Heat oil pump: Yes
Temp regulator: For material + oil
Electrics: 12V
Hydraulic tank: 100L
Diesel tank: 100L