Maxi Kombi Trio from RME

Maxi Kombi Trio


Maxi Kombi Trio is a high capacity machine built on a 4-axle chassie, of which 2 rear axles are friction steered. In that way this machine has a small turning radius.

This machine is an all-in-one unit meaning that both melting and production are done with this unit. No need for separate preheater truck.

There are two preheaters for melting and one large production tank (1600L). Pumping of melted thermoplastic is done from the preheaters into the production tank. This makes it possible to find the optimal melting cycle for high output.

The production tank is equipped with loading cells in order to follow and report the ongoing consumption of thermoplastic.

Setups for spray, extruder and Flexidot.
A crane makes the filling of big bag material into the melting set easier.

The control box allows automatic line system application together with pump control for accurate material flow.

The cab is equipped so that most of the work can be done inside – safe from traffic, noise and exhausts.


Length: 10.0 m
Width: 2.55 m
Height: 3.95 m
Weight, tara incl. Truck: 21.800 kg
Weight, allowed (EU): 32.000 kg
Melting set: 2×1.200L
Production tank: 1600L
Control box: RME v2
Extruder: 300-500 mm
Spray block: 2-3 pc/side
Flexidot: 300-450 mm
Bead guns: 2-3 pcs/side
Bead tank: 470-750L
Production pump: RME 120L/min
Crane: HIAB X-HIDUO 046
Compressor: Hydraulic
Pointer: Hydralic/Pneumatic
Burners Riello RG2
Temp regulators CAN-BUS System