RME hand applicator HL950EO

RME hand applicator HL950EO



Game changer for the sake of the environment!

✓ Works quietly when others are sleeping

✓ Electrically charged from regular wall sockets or solar panels

✓ Handles a full day of work on electricity, without having to start the truck to charge

✓ Reduces diesel consumption and lowers emissions

✓ Improves the working environment

✓ Partial electric heating of the thermoplastic


Chassie: e.g. Volvo FL HP 280 Euro 6
Length: ca 8 m
Width: 2,45 m
Height: ca 3,6 m
Total weight: 21.000 kg
Total Tara weight: 18.000 kg
Pre-Heater Volume: 950 L
Heating: Riello Biofuel Oil Burner
Pre-Heater heating: Hot Oil
Temp regulator: Electronic, Oil and material
Agitator motor: Bevel Gear Box
Outlet boiler: Electric Actuator
Motor on gear box: 2,2 kW
Heating element: 2 kW
Start battery: Volvo 225 Ah
Maintenance battery: 4x Victron VRLA GEL 220AhElectronic, Oil and material
Display Machine operation: IFM 5” Touch
Display Battery Management: Victron 5” Touch
Inverter: Victron MultiPlus-II 3000kVA, 2,4 kW
Solar Panel: 5x360W Monocrystalline