More than 25 years ago we delivered our first truck designed for road marking with thermoplastics. Since then we’ve built a few hundred vehicles. Since we focus on R&D in thermoplastic road marking, we have become experts in the field.
Today we have a broad spectrum of products, from hand tools to advanced machines built on truck chassies.

Road Marking Equipment Trucks


Our vehicles are characterized by reliability, productivity and cost efficiency. Our products are used in a dozen countries by customers in a wide variety of businesses, from local contractors to big international operators.


RME has a wide selection of equipment for manual marking. Our hand tools are made for thermoplastic materials and come in many widths and with adjustable line thickness. They are used for pedestrian crossings, arrows, parking lots etc.

Vägmarkeringsbil från RME


Ongoing and long-term cooperation with our clients is the reason for our wide selection of equipment, our constant technical development and the reliable solutions.

RME hand applicator HL950EO


Game changer for the sake of the environment!

trailer TR 400 Lithium

TRAILER TR 400 Lithium

Specially low built trailer with 400L preheater design for Thermoplastic.

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