This Mini Light is a bigger version of the Mini Light. This model has one large preheater 1.300L. Application can be done on both sides with the newly developed transversal gun carrier, which is hydraulically movable from side to side. The gun carrier is operated from the truck cabin. The advantages of this solution are that only one extruder /set of spray guns are kept warm all the time besides the economy aspect to have only one extruder/set of spray guns to maintain.I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Mini Light FM 2-axle PH1900-1A
This model is a development from the Mini Light PH1300-1900HO. Instead of one preheater there are two preheater 1100L each. In addition, a big-bag emptier makes it possible to load with big-bags. The two preheaters are individual so loading and melting can be attended between the preheaters or they can be used as a joint unit.

Mini Kombi FM 2-axle 2xPH950-2A
Mini KOMBI is a high-capacity machine built on a 2-axle chassie. There are three different setups; spray, extruder or combined. Mini is equipped with a 2x950L melting set. Dual pumps on the clutch independent power take off (PTO) supplies the hydraulic functions. On each side there are applicator carriers that can be adjusted both vertically and sideways from the cab.

Mini Kombi FM 2-axle 2xPH1100-1A

Maxi Quattro Kombi 4xPH1200-2A
Maxi Quattro is a high-capacity machine built on a four axle chassis. There are several different setups; spray, extruder, Flexidot or combined, together with the option of one or two-colour systems.

Maxi Sinko Kombi 4xPH-2A
Maxi Kombi Sinko is a high-capacity machine built on a 4-axle chassis, of which 2 rear axles are friction steered. In that way this machine has a small turning ratio.